Has anyone here used pcpartpicker to build a computer?

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asked Jul 20, 2018 in Desktops by Chanch0 (340 points)
Has anyone here used pcpartpicker to build a computer?

I'm looking at building my own desktop computer pretty soon since I've never done it before and just want to build one because of the fun I will have in doing so and I figure it will be a great winter project when I'm stuck inside the house with nothing else to do.

I came across pcpartpicker and it lets you build a computer from the ground up by sourcing the parts you need.

I'm wondering what others experience is with PcPartPicker.com is and how it worked out for them building a computer through pcpartpicker?

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answered Jul 22, 2018 by Lexwall (660 points)
I've used pcpartpicker to build my newest desktop computer and it worked great to make sure that every part I picked out for my computer build was compatible and what I wanted and needed to built the perfect computer.

You use the website to pick out the parts and then purchase the parts through other online retailers such as Amazon, Newegg or any other online retailer that has the parts or part for sale.

If you know what parts are compatible with each other then you don't really need to use pcpartpicker but it does help.

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