How much is the average cost to get a website made for a small business?

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How much is the average cost to get a website made for a small business?

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The average cost to get a website made for a small business is between $2,000.00 to as much as $10,000.00 for a professional website.

This cost includes the designing and building of your small business website and the web hosting plan and domain registration.

When it comes to web hosting Bluehost is better than GoDaddy for web hosting.

GoDaddy is a good web hosting company although Bluehost is a cheaper and better web hosting company than GoDaddy.

The monthly fee on GoDaddy for their hosting plans range from as low as $9.99 per month to as much as $29.99 per month depending on the GoDaddy hosting plan you choose.

GoDaddy can host your Wix website or any other website once you sign up for a GoDaddy web hosting account and then move your Wix website or other website to Godaddy web hosting servers.

You can also move your Wix Website to other web hosts as well by transfering the website files to the new host from Wix servers.

Hosting on Wix is a bit more expensive than hosting with other web hosts.

Hosting at Wix costs around $16.00 per month and can go up to as much as $27.00 per month for larger websites that need more resources.

Wix is a web host and also a website builder platform.

You can easily build a website with Wix and also host it with Wix as well.

Wix has both a website builder and reliable web hosting to get any site up and running and keep the website up and running.

Wix web hosting company is an all-in-one “hosted website platform.”

A hosted website platform is where all the components needed for your website come in a single bundle with a single monthly price.

It's also known as a “website builder“.

Wix also provides the software to manage your website content; they provide the designs and functionality.

Wix uses two of the biggest networks on the planet, Google Cloud Hosting and Amazon Web Services (AWS), to protect user sites via multi-cloud hosting.

Wix has emerged as (one of) the best website builder for small business in recent years, and for a good reason.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, even those with no prior design or coding experience can create stunning websites quickly and easily.

Wix web hosting also offers free cloud hosting for every website you create, including 500MB of free cloud storage.

If you go beyond the storage requirements, you can upgrade to a premium plan and add as much as 50GB of cloud storage depending on your needs.

Squarespace, Hostinger Website Builder, Weebly, Webnode and WordPress are all strong Wix alternatives.

They are slightly cheaper than Wix and all provide blogging functionality as well as ecommerce.

Weebly and Webnode are particularly user-friendly while Squarespace and WordPress offer the best blogging tools.

If you want to host a blog then other web hosts such as Hostgator etc are also good options to host your blog on.

A good domain name registrar is or and
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It’s difficult to tell the exact amount for website agency design. It depends on many factors and your business goals. If you want to create a simple lead generation website, it will cost very little. If you need a full-fledged website for an online store with a product catalog and SEO optimization, then this is completely different money. Therefore, choose a contractor wisely. This will help you avoid spending a fortune on your website and its promotion.

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