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asked Jul 28, 2023 in Internet by sheikhahmad (150 points)
I am running a private hospital and because of lots of patients. I am facing a problem to manage everything.  I am looking for a software that have All-in-one connected platform for patient ambulatory monitoring from the first blood test to treatment and hospital discharge. I need suggestions from where I may have this software.?
commented Jul 31, 2023 by Ferdinandos (290 points)
It sounds like you need a one-stop ambulatory patient monitoring platform that covers everything from initial blood work to treatment and hospital discharge. There are many softwares on the market that can meet your requirements.
commented Jul 31, 2023 by Tristan35 (230 points)
I think you need to contact the guys who develop software for medical devices. I have heard that they are now making platforms based on Artificial Intelligence with well-designed software architecture. This will make your private clinic's work a lot easier. So you can easily track from patient arrival to discharge from the hospital. Unfortunately, I can't recommend anything to you, I work in a slightly different field.
commented Aug 2, 2023 by Hariz5 (870 points)
It seems like the person running a private hospital is experiencing challenges due to a high number of patients. They are in need of an all-in-one connected software platform for patient ambulatory monitoring, starting from the initial blood test all the way to treatment and hospital discharge. For such requirements, I would recommend exploring medical device software development companies that specialize in creating comprehensive and integrated solutions to efficiently manage patient care processes. I recommend They may offer tailored solutions to address the specific needs of the hospital and ensure smooth management of patient data and treatment procedures.
commented Jan 30 by zentragon (140 points)
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answered Jul 31, 2023 by Seriko (140 points)
I, like you, need software to make my work easier, but I'm still doing practice, I'm studying to be a pediatrician. I reviewed the entire Internet in search of good programmers, found several companies that are engaged in programming various applications, but alas, none of them suited me, everyone I found asks for an advance payment without any guarantee, and I am suspicious of such and do not want to pay for it in advance especially without a guarantee. I decided to chat with knowledgeable people on the forum, I think there are people here who ordered similar applications...
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answered Aug 1, 2023 by A3logicsusa (140 points)

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answered Aug 24, 2023 by yourimadisson (1,360 points)

Good afternoon. I see that there are several people here who are interested in software for medical equipment. This is a rather serious domain and therefore such work can only be entrusted to professionals with extensive experience in the field of healthcare software solutions development. Fortunately, I know one of these companies. You can see about her experience and services on the website . This company has really great experience in this field, as they have been on the market for over 14 years. Plus, they have a strong business intelligence department that can give you practical advice on how to use and develop your product.

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answered Oct 14, 2023 by Andrew_Clarkson (7,050 points)

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answered Jan 30 by zentragon (140 points)
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