Why is losing a child so painful?

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Why is losing a child so painful?

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Losing a child is so painful because of the intense love that parents feel for their children.

While you may feel love for others in your family the love you feel for a child of your own is much different and even more intense.

Also if you lose your child you will miss them and have to acknowledge that they won't come back.

You will usually also feel that life has no meaning and wished to be released from the pain and join your child in death.

Parents of children and adolescents who die are found to suffer a broad range of difficult mental and physical symptoms.

As with many losses, depressed feelings are accompanied by intense feelings of sadness, despair, helplessness, loneliness, abandonment, and a wish to die.

Some ways to deal with the loss of a child are.

Possible Reactions to the Loss of a Child.
Don't Dismiss Your Own Personal Grief.
Understand Loss Can Be Experienced Differently for Each Partner.
Seek Grief Counseling to Work Through the Pain.
Learn to Accept Happiness After the Loss of a Child.

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