What 2D animation design studio would you recommend for me?

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asked Jan 21, 2023 in Internet by hiloss9 (2,020 points)
Please tell me a studio for the design of 2D animation. It is important to me that the company accepts orders for the creation of 2d character animation of any complexity. It implies the movements and character behavior of the characters.

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answered Jan 21, 2023 by Ron Swanson (1,340 points)

You can safely cooperate with 2D Game Art Outsourcing Service https://wallawallastudio.com/2d-art/. If wallawallastudio takes on an order, you can always expect the order to be completed on time. Tasks are done quickly and in the quality you require. If there were any shortcomings or something that we were not satisfied with - it was corrected on the same day. Before taking up a new task a team of professionals always help to determine what you need and how best to implement it. I have been working with them for over two years.

commented Jan 21, 2023 by danafishma (2,260 points)
I work with this company for a year and hope for further fruitful cooperation. During this time the development team showed themselves as highly qualified specialists in their field.
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answered Feb 13 by komiku (160 points)

Maybe you can contact komiku for a job

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