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asked Jan 6 in Other-Cars/Transportation by christinabdnr (420 points)
Have you ever used a group transportation service? How to find a reliable transportation company, that the driver was not late and had a good vehicle? Please recommend contacts of trusted companies.
commented Jan 6 by devamona (350 points)
I have never used such services. But my family is thinking about going on vacation not by our own cars, but by renting a bus. The road is too exhausting and no one wants to get behind the wheel this time. So we will look into the option of renting a bus.

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answered Jan 6 by seylen (450 points)

Yes, I used the services of transportation companies. I have experience with several companies and I can only highlight one. I recommend you to contact this company: This transportation company has an excellent choice of preferred transportation and very professional drivers who clearly do their job without lateness. I have already had the experience of dishonest drivers who were too negligent in their work and it spoiled the impression of the trip. But this company has really excellent and high level service.

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