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asked Dec 4, 2022 in Internet by Harrius (3,120 points)

I want to talk about the development of blockchain projects. It is important for me to know what means can be used to improve security and improve its performance? What do you advise?

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answered Dec 4, 2022 by Err82 (1,080 points)

The performance of a startup can only be determined at the stage of its use, and even then you can start improving the code and adding an additional upgrade.

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answered Dec 4, 2022 by cewop (1,390 points)

I believe that it is very important to understand all the means by which you can improve performance, but also security. This is best done before lauching. Still in the testing phase.

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answered Dec 4, 2022 by Kolin (2,690 points)

This problem is solved by audit companies that are engaged in testing smart contract security  . They will conduct a full code review for weaknesses and security vulnerabilities. And they will also try to hack the contract themselves in order to understand what difficulties may arise and tell you how to solve the problem.

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answered Jan 4 by bubalex (5,290 points)
Anyone here into computer vision? I'm working on a project for identifying plant species through photos. Struggling a bit with the tech side. Could use some advice on good computer vision services!
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answered Jan 4 by Turip (1,000 points)

Oh, computer vision? That's a fascinating area to dive into! It's like giving eyes to your computer. I remember working on a project where we needed to sort tons of images quickly. That's when I realized the real power of computer vision – it's a game-changer for processing and analyzing visual data.You might want to check out computer vision services They've got a range of computer vision services that are pretty user-friendly. I've heard good things about their approach to handling complex visual data. Plus, they seem to cater to both beginners and pros.

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