What is a firmware update on a Vizio TV?

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What is a firmware update on a Vizio TV?

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The firmware for Vizio TV and other electronics is is a computer program that is "embedded" in a hardware device and is an essential part of the hardware.

It is sometimes called embedded software.

An example is a microcontroller, a part of the microprocessor that tells the microprocessor what actions to take.

Firmware is typically code that performs configuration and control of hardware components that make up a platform.

As such, firmware is usually the first code that runs when a device is powered on, and therefore provides the foundation from which trust in the system is built.

Firmware is installed directly onto a piece of hardware during manufacturing.

It is used to run user programs on the device and can be thought of as the software that enables hardware to run.

Firmware is the foundation of the software stack that computer hardware uses for basic operations and to run applications.

Like your smartphone, your smart TV also has firmware.

This firmware is what runs your TV, enabling you to download and watch movies on different streaming apps, and like your computer, it also needs updates to run smoothly.

Keeping your TV software up to date means you'll have the very latest features from manufacturers and that any bugs will be fixed, to improve how the service works.

Updating your device should be simple – you just need to follow the on-screen process.

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