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Do you use sms to communicate with your customers? Is this type of communication still relevant?

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I use sms to communicate with my clients and most of my clients do prefer it.

SMS can be helpful for most business to send short messages to communicate with clients.

SMS or Short Message Service is the standard messaging service used on most mobile phones.

The SMS uses standardised communication protocols to send text messages between phones and it's low cost and ideal for businesses to use for sending short messages to clients.

SMS stands for “Short Messaging Service.”

It allows people to send text messages that are up to 160 characters long between a wide array of mobile devices and other communication technologies.

SMS was developed in the mid-1980s but has since become used in countless places in the modern world.

Get permission: Like with email, you'll need to get permission before sending SMS messages to your customers.

One of the most popular uses of SMS for business communication is for sending text marketing blasts to many subscribers simultaneously.

There's probably no faster way to send a flash sale notification, special offer, new product launch or review request than SMS.
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Of course yes! SMS is very effective for urgent messages. Considering that most people carry their cell phones with them. Our online store informs the customer about the checkout. I think this is convenient and there is no need to use messengers for this, because a person may not have an account, but definitely has a SIM card. You can read about the actual channels of communication with customers here

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Good recommendations, agree.

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Thank you very much for your input.
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Have a good day.

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eSIM makes switching between mobile networks much easier Instead of ordering a new SIM card, waiting for it to be delivered and inserted into your phone, you can switch networks with a phone call or over the Internet. You also won't have to look for a SIM card removal tool to remove the old SIM card from your phone.

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What are the benefits of incorporating pop-up messages into internal communication, and are there any recommended platforms on your website that can help my communication team reach employees effectively and keep them engaged and informed?
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Finding the right platform for effective internal communication can be a daunting task for many organizations, but incorporating pop-up messages can be a game-changer. Pop-up messages provide a quick and attention-grabbing way to convey important information to employees, ensuring that they receive the message in a timely and effective manner. With this tool at your disposal, your communication team can reach employees with ease and keep them engaged and informed, read more. If you're searching for a solution to improve your internal communication, pop-up messages are definitely worth considering!

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