How can I learn to Develop Mobile Apps?

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asked Jan 19, 2017 in Programming/Design by Rolf (200 points)
I want to learn to develop mobile apps. How can I learn to develop mobile apps?

Is there some website or E book that I can learn from?

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answered Jan 19, 2017 by Wayne (170 points)
Try the anddev forum
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answered Dec 6, 2021 by Don Lawrence (2,260 points)
I would trust a professional and not bother. My friend is also looking for a company that develops applications.
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answered Dec 7, 2021 by Edward Wong (2,040 points)

I believe in order to meet today's standards in any field, I have used various solutions, the main one of which is Bladeware, a reliable mobile application development firm that helps to create various solutions, various applications that help to collaborate with customers. or is it better to run a business.

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answered May 26 by minsy77 (5,370 points)
If you are considering about making your own app or software, it is important to refer a professional software development firm that is dealing with various different solutions and helps to create a personal application. There are working real professionals, having a wide experience in design, programming and a full analyzes of various projects.
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answered Oct 9 by AbrahamShnider (5,330 points)
Often, in order for your application to be in demand, you need to get rid of bugs. How do I test my new application for bugs?
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answered Oct 9 by Uters12 (9,830 points)

Sometimes bugs in the application do not depend on the quality of the code or other aspects, they can be caused by many different factors and it takes a lot of time to test the software qualitatively. Personally, I always turn to the guys from mobile test automation and it’s not the first time they save my software from failure, because critical bugs

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