Does Google spy on you through your camera?

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Does Google spy on you through your camera?

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answered Oct 15, 2022 by Gloverdragon (23,240 points)

Google does not spy on you through your camera.

Google only tracks you through visiting websites, searching Google, YouTube etc.

Google does not turn on your camera and spy on you through your camera.

Google does really track you.

When you search for things on Google or look through Videos on YouTube Google is always tracking you and then they display relevant content and advertisements that suit you.

Google has been tracking users of their services for many years and it's not as bad as some people make it out to be.

Google does need to track you though to give you the best experience.

Although there's way to stop Google from tracking you but your experience on Google will not be as good.

I don't worry about Google Tracking me and they can do so if they want too.

When I stopped Google from tracking me I did not get as good of an experience on Google so I just allowed Google to track me again.

In some ways, by Google keeping such close tabs on everything you do, they, at least in some ways, may know you better than you know yourself.

And Google uses your personal profile to sell ads, not only on their search engine, but also on over three million other websites and apps.

If you want to stop Google from tracking you can do so by going to.

Go to and in the left-hand column, click on Activity Controls.
On the next screen, toggle the Web & App Activity button off, and untick Include Chrome history and activity from sites, apps and devices that use Google services.

Google uses personal data from Google Analytics, Global Site Tag, and from their many other trackers and products, so they can target you with advertising and content they think you'll want to see.

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