Silicone protective film for laptop keyboard

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asked Oct 1, 2022 in Internet by Tilman (3,590 points)
Hello everyone, what functions does a silicone film on a laptop keyboard perform and how effective is it?

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answered Oct 1, 2022 by Allert (5,090 points)
Hello, every laptop, like other electronic devices, tends to lose its new look during operation. And this applies to any of its parts, and even the keyboard is no exception. Any computer keyboard gets dirty or scratched over time, losing its fresh and well-groomed appearance. Let's not hide that this phenomenon is not pleasant. Any of us would like to keep the new and aesthetic look of our keyboard. At the same time, it is unlikely that anyone would have a desire to wipe it from dust all the time and painfully try to erase the stains. Protective film for a laptop will help you avoid this kind of problems. Visit for more details on silicone keyboard covers.

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