What color does a horse see?

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What color does a horse see?

What colors do horses see?

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answered Apr 5, 2018 by Shawn (93,640 points)
There's no way to 100% know with certainty unless we are the horse seeing through the horses eyes.

But from what I understand and read horses see just about every color we can see except the horse is supposedly unable to know what the color red is.
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We all must have wondered how the horses can see the world. Can the see the world like we do or do they have a different vision? Horses can see some colours, but they do not have a vision like the humans. We, humans, have a trichromatic color vision whereas horse is said to have dichromatic color vision. Horses have only two cone cells in their eyes. If you are planning to train your horse, it is very important to know how they view things around them. Visit horsesandfoals.com to know more about horses.

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