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asked Sep 17 in Programming/Design by Falled (560 points)
Can you suggest a reliable software development firm?

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answered Sep 17 by Marine (590 points)

Nowadays, all entrepreneurs wish to have their own app, programme or website. Therefore, there is also a great demand for programmers. A competent IT person will understand you and do it right. If you like, I can offer you a firm which deals directly with software

commented Sep 17 by vitold (100 points)
So there are so many entrepreneurs now. It's good to have someone to turn to.
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answered Oct 21 by Garettt (960 points)
Hello! I'm already quite old and I can't choose a company that would develop software for my company, what can you advise?
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answered Oct 21 by AbrahamShnider (5,330 points)

Hi guys! Recently, I decided that my company needs to develop also in the IT field, and I decided to digitalize the processes in my company, but there was one problem, I could not find a person or company that could help me with this, I started asking my friends and friends, and one of them advised me IT Services and I wrote to them the same day, and we agreed on cooperation, great company!

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