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asked Sep 8, 2022 in Employment & Careers by Marine (1,710 points)
Tell me, if you open a shop, how do you accept payment? Terminal, cash or is there some other way? There are just so many opinions, and I don't know the best way.

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answered Sep 8, 2022 by Falled (1,600 points)

What exactly do you want to sell? Yes, there are different methods of paying money to entrepreneurs. Basically everyone has credit cards now. That's why they use terminals to accept payments, or I recently came across information about a softpos solution app It is downloaded onto the phone and with the help of certain functions payments are accepted. It's very convenient.

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answered Feb 9, 2023 by Allert (4,440 points)
Hello everyone, how does the payment system work?
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answered Feb 9, 2023 by Tilman (3,110 points)

Hello, the payment system is a service for authorization and processing of payments made by means of debit/credit cards. During the payment processing process, all data is encrypted and protected by the system protocols, which ensures the security of the purchase process between the seller and buyers. Payment systems can perform various types of transactions: authorization, sale, refund, cancellation, etc. Visit to read information about one of the most efficient payment systems for business.

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