What are the 4 types of drugs?

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What are the 4 types of drugs?

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The 4 types of drugs are.




Depressants are drugs that slow or depress the functions of the central nervous system and brain.

Opioids are drugs that are used to suppress physical pain are called analgesics or opioids.

Stimulants are drugs that accelerate up the central nervous system are called stimulants.

The 5 main drugs are.

    Central nervous system depressants.
    Central nervous system stimulants.
    Opiates and Opiodes.

A medication (also called medicament, medicine, pharmaceutical drug, medicinal drug or simply drug) is a drug used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease.

Why is medicine called drugs?


In English, the noun "drug" is thought to originate from Old French "drogue", possibly deriving from "droge (vate)" from Middle Dutch meaning "dry (barrels)", referring to medicinal plants preserved as dry matter in barrels.

What is difference drug and medicine?

Contrary to the normal belief that they are synonymous, they are actually quite different.

Drugs take away control of your body & mind from YOU.

Medicines reverse this and restore the control back to YOU.

A drug is a chemical substance that takes control of your body or mind depending on its own inherent nature.

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