What strange things have happened to you while wearing a diaper?

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What strange things have happened to you while wearing a diaper?

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A strange thing that happened to me while wearing a diaper was one day I was wearing a thick plastic backed diaper under my shorts.

I was out walking in the park and suddenly my shorts fell down and I tripped and fell over and I was then laying on the walking trail of the park with my thick plastic backed ABU ABDL Little PAWZ diaper on display for everyone.

I had a few laughs from people but someone did come over and helped me up and didn't say anything about the diaper.

I don't have kids so never caught my kids wearing diapers.

However I have been caught wearing diapers by my parents when I was around 8 years old.

I remember being in the bathroom and getting done with my shower and after getting out of the shower and drying off I was putting on one of those thick plastic pampers and my mom caught me by walking in the door suddenly.

I thought the bathroom door was locked but it must've not locked properly.

So she opened the door and walked in while I was laying on the floor taping the diaper on.

She didn't get mad and just readjusted the tapes for me and took my pants away but left my short shirt and socks.

So I had to wear the diaper around the house like that and had to also go outside that way as well to play.

At first I was embarrassed but eventually I liked it.

If my child asks to wear diapers to play around the house and yard I would let him.

I would buy my child diapers and put the child in diapers and when it's warm or hot out they could wear just the diaper or diaper shirt and shoes and play around the yard or house that way.

Diapers and a shirt and shoes or just a diaper or diaper and shirt are awesome to wear like that in the summer or in the house when it's warm.

If your parents put you in a diaper then they are expecting you to use the diaper for peeing in at least or even pooping.

If your parents put you in a diaper you're gonna most likely enjoy the feeling of the diaper and would prefer to wear the diaper instead of regular underwear.

Diapers feel even better when they are wet.

If your parents put you in a diaper then it's either because you're incontinent, bed wetting, wetting your pants or they are diaper punishing you for something you've done.

You might need time to get used to wearing the diaper especially if the diaper is a thick plastic back diaper which can sometimes be hard to walk in especially when they get full but they are awesome to wear.

I've had a parent put a diaper on me.

I remember when I was 6 years old I was with my parents visiting my aunt and uncle and staying at their house.

And before I went to sleep my mom laid me out on the floor and had a thick pampers plastic backed diaper ready and some baby powder.

She said that since I wet the bed I would need to wear a diaper while at my aunts house.

So she pulled my pants off and then wiped me up and then diapered me right in front of my aunt and uncle and my brother as well.

I felt embarrassed but quickly got over it.

My mom then left me in just my diaper and shirt and socks for the night.

Then the next morning I asked for my pants but she said they were in the washing machine and that my other clothes were out in the car and she was not unpacking them.

So for the morning I was wearing just my diaper, shirt and socks.

Then when evening came around and we were getting ready to leave she just put my pants in a bag and took them with her.

I asked her about my pants but she said that it would be okay to just be in my diaper.

She kept me in a diaper for the road trip back home which was around 10 hours.

So I rode the entire road trip wearing just my diaper, shirt and socks and shoes and she changed my diaper a few times outside on a picnic table at a rest area.

I'm glad she kept me in diapers on the road trip though as it meant I didn't have to hold my pee in.

I still wear diapers on road trips now as well and I would always diaper my own kids in diapers so they would not have to use the toilet or hold it.

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