What is the best proxy server to use for protection?

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What is the best proxy server to use for protection?

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The best proxy server to use for protection is NordVPN.

I use NordVPN myself and it's a great proxy service.

A good proxy server service to use that I use and advise is NordVPN.

NordVPN is a VPN service with applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Android TV. Manual setup is available for wireless routers, NAS devices and other platforms.

NordVPN is developed by Nord Security, a subsidiary of Lithuanian company Tesonet that develops cybersecurity software.

Other good proxy servers and proxy services to use are.

KProxy – Best free proxy.
HMA – Best proxy browser.
VPNBook – Best for security.
ProxySite – Best for smartphones.
Whoer – Best value for money.
GeoSurf – Best for unlimited IP connections.
Zyte – Best for scraping websites.
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Proxy server is helping to change IP address. Actually it is really important if you are considering to make a pure connection and to make a proper access to your account, With https://privateproxy.me/proxies-for-social-networks/linkedin-proxies/ you can choose proxies for linkedin. It is not needed if you are planning to run only your LinkedIn account. This provider has a wide range of various options and solutions.
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Will a hacker use a proxy server? - This question was asked by one of my students at the university.
A hacker usually uses a proxy server to hide malicious activity on the network . The attacker creates a copy of the target web page on the proxy server and uses techniques such as keyword stuffing and links to the copied page from external sites to artificially boost its search engine ranking.
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A proxy simply passes your traffic through an intermediate server, but does not necessarily provide additional protection . Moreover, unlike proxies, VPNs work at the operating system level to protect all of your traffic. Proxy hacking is a cyberattack technique designed to replace a genuine web page in a search engine index and search engine results pages to direct traffic to a fake site. To prevent such hacks, you can use blue box testing. This penetration test will give you an idea of the bugs in your system and the flaws worth fixing.

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