Hi Chad, I got some things for you to try

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asked May 26, 2022 in Monitors by paratom (5,670 points)
Hi Chad, I just realized that you own this website and imgvek. I just thought you helped run it  I do have ideas, well 3 ideas. One is having diaper videos. Have a spot for that please. Also bring in diaper stories. I have a few diaper stories that I love to tell. Also have a chat room. I think Jake already said that but not sure. Thanks Chad

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answered May 26, 2022 by chad (14,630 points)
Hello Tom.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I do indeed own this website and imgvek.com

I have added the categories of diaper stories and diaper videos under the ABDL topic.

I also do have in the works and plans to operate a file hosting service soon.

I have already registered the domain which is https://filevek.com just like imgvek.com but this website will be where you can host files and then share them with links when you want to just like mega.nz operates.

Diaper videos, diaper photos etc are gonna be allowed and won't be terminated like others have said they have been banned from mega.nz

I hope to have the file hosting website operational in the next few months or so.

As for the chat room I'll look into doing that if I can.

Also thanks for being a part of the website.

commented May 27, 2022 by paratom (5,670 points)
Hey Chad, I was wondering about something, you you diapered punished as a kid? I know I was the.

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