Who remembers the potty dance from Huggies

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asked Oct 10 in Polls/Surveys by mwalker96 (1,350 points)
Who remembers the pull-ups potty dance from 2009-2011?

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answered Oct 10 by 123devon (8,050 points)
I do remember that Pull Ups Potty Dance Commercial from 2009 to 2011.

I can't believe it's been that long ago but I can remember my now almost 15 year old nephew dancing to the potty dance commercial when he was around 4 years old.

Even my 6 year old son still likes to watch those Potty Dance commercials and does the dance a well.

He was potty trained by age 3 and I would show him those commercials and they did help encourage him to potty train.

But now he still likes to watch it and will dance to it.

It's great seeing him do that as I do get a lot of joy watching him dance to that potty dance pull ups commercial.
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answered Oct 12 by diapermouse (3,760 points)
I remember that potty dance from Huggies.

It is a fun tune to dance too.

But I would rather stay in my diapers and do the potty dance until I finally let go in my diaper instead of using the toilet.

Actually holding your pee too long is bad for your health so by wearing diapers instead of using the toilet you can help keep your kidneys and bladder healthy.

This is because you can just pee when needed instead of holding it unless you really want to hold it and let it out in the diaper all at once.

So i would not want to ditch the diapers and hold it but instead I much prefer to just pee when needed in the diaper and not hold it.

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