How many watts does a 43 inch LED TV use?

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How many watts does a 43 inch LED TV use?

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A 43 inch LED TV uses on average of 47 watts to 50 watts.

A 32 inch TV uses on average of 28 watts although some may use as much as 40 watts.

A 300 watt inverter will run a TV.

Most TVs are under 300 watts but may use more watts when first turned on which is known as surge power.

But if your TV is under 200 watts then the 300 watt inverter should have no issue with running the TV.

The amount of watts you need to run a TV depends on the wattage of the TV as different size TV's use different watts.

However on average small LED TVs use around 45 to 60 watts while larger LED TVs use around 70 to 100 and even 150 watts.

The amount of watts that a TV uses depends on the size of the TV.

Smaller 24 inch TV's may use around 35 to 40 Watts while a larger TV such as a 42 " to 52 " TV could use as much as 100 watts to 150 watts.

Old CRT TVs were pretty power hungry and even for the smallest CRT TV it could use as much as 100 watts while a larger CRT TV could use as much as 200 to 250 watts of electricity when powered on.

Modern TVs use, on average, 58.6 watts when in On mode and 1.3 watts in standby mode.

The power consumption of modern TVs ranges from 10W to 117W (0.5W to 3W on standby).

On average, TVs consume 106.9 kWh of electricity per year, costing $16.04 annually to run in the US.

- 32” LED: 30 – 55 watts, but generally around 40 watts, - 32” OLED: around 55 - 60 watts, - 32” LCD: 50 – 85 watts, but on average around 65-70 watts.

For example, old 32” CRT TVs required up to 150-200 watts (even more if the screen brightness is increased) with an average consumption of around 120 watts.

Most LED TV's has rated power between 60 watt to 150 watt.

Generally speaking larger the screen size higher is the rated power.

A 100 watt TV running for 12 hours everyday will consume 1200 watt hours = 1.2 kWh (units) of electricity in a day and 36 kWh of electricity in the entire month.

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