Have you or any other toddler ever humped in nothing but a diaper with a big, firm, hot poop on your butt?

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asked Oct 2 in AB/DL by Baque2021 (470 points)
I don't remember doing this as a baby or toddler, but I have always enjoyed pooping my diapers. Mom told me I used to hump when I was around my brother's age. He is two and he loves humping with a big poop on his butt. So I'm just wondering if there are people who may remember doing this as toddlers and if so, what was it like? What is your fondest memory?

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answered Oct 2 by diapermouse (4,000 points)
I can remember somewhat when I was about 2 and 1/2 years old and I had pooped my diaper.

I remember sitting on my wooden rocking horse rocking back and forth and then humping the rocking horse in my poopy diaper.

I had loaded my diaper so much with poop as well as pee that poop was actually seeping out onto the wooden rocking horse and onto the floor.

My mom noticed later and then had to clean the rocking horse up.

She immediately grabbed me off the rocking horse and I was screaming and throwing a tantrum and not wanting to get out of my wet and poopy diaper.

My mom told me that I always threw a fit when it came time to change my poopy diaper and she told me I told her one time when I was around 3 years old that I loved my poopy diaper.

I probably did say that because even now I love poopy diapers and love humping objects and even a big teddy bear wearing my poop filled diaper.

Your brother is likely a diaper lover or adult baby or both in the making.

I also remember one day I had my nephew visit when he was 2 years old and he had pooped his diaper and then he started humping the arm of my recliner he was sitting in.

I wish I had a picture of that.

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