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asked Apr 28 in Programming/Design by Dorime (990 points)
I want to hire some people that will help me with developing self-education software. Where to look for professionals with relevant experience?

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answered Apr 28 by Archiveone (3,320 points)

Interesting. I'd love to hear more details about this self-education software, but I think that you're ambiguous on purpose and I won't enquire further. I will recommend a good place to get the services you need. Here, check this link . You will find the professionals with relevant experience there, so contact them and discuss the details.

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answered May 22 by Uters12 (9,830 points)

Good afternoon. I think many of you have heard that mSpy provides professional monitoring and tracking software to clients in over 180 countries. I have to start by saying that this app is amazing. I didn't know such products existed until I read the mSpy reviews here and I'm very grateful to them for that. The mSpy app allows me to monitor my employees' phones to make sure they only use our company phones for business purposes. It gives me access to email, text messages and calls among my employees and this product definitely saves my money.

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answered Jul 19 by KoryPowell (4,310 points)

Hello. The idea is not bad but in the field of study of which science do you want to create software? I know a lot of different programs for learning foreign languages, but not all of them are useful. I use storyboarding in my curriculum. If you are interested, you can get storyboarding tips at

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answered Sep 6 by Vitalii (700 points)

don't know what embedded software is? Firmware is a binary file written to a device's EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), managed by its embedded controller. Without embedded software, a PCB-based device is a "brick" that the user can do nothing with because it does not work . With this type of software, you can optimize the applications installed on the flash memory of the device, as well as expand and reprogram the device's built-in functionality (for example, you can change settings of one kind or another).

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answered Nov 1 by Grinder (2,260 points)

I pick outstaff businesses with excellent service offerings and engaging deadlines when I want the best work possible. In my opinion, hire swift developers stands out from the competition because they let you feel totally immersed in the process. And I require this because I consider it crucial that the order I issue be carried out promptly.

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