Where do Earwigs live in the world?

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Where do Earwigs live in the world?

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Earwigs live all over the world but not in Antarctica.

The only place in the world that earwigs do not live is Antarctica which is too cold for them to survive.

You can find earwigs in any state but they are usually more common in some states over others.

Earwigs are most often found in areas where there is water – kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries.

Earwigs can also find their way into bedrooms and family rooms.

And earwigs can and do drown in water.

To get rid of earwigs you can sink a deep container that is half full of soapy water into the ground below a tree or plant where earwigs are a problem.

Then the earwigs will climb in and drown in the soapy water.

The family that earwigs belong to is Forficulidae.

Earwigs, technically and practically, are different from cockroaches. In the hierarchy of biology classification, earwigs and cockroaches are both members of the class Insecta (Hexapods).

However, scientists categorize animals based upon their characteristics, and earwigs and cockroaches are not in the same group.

Earwigs are indeed pests and in fact earwigs are among the most recognized inset pests.

When it comes to being a pest earwigs are considered a real pest in gardens as they can destroy vegetation.

If an earwig or other bug gets into your ear you can usually get it out by tilting your head to the side the bug is in the ear and try shaking your head.

Sometimes the bug or earwig will come out on it's own.

If not then you may need to use a pair of tweezers to get the bug or earwig out of your ear or have someone help you get the bug or earwig out.

If an earwig happened to get into your ear then it may pinch your ear.

Although most earwigs will stay away from humans when possible.

Although earwigs have the name ear in their name earwigs do not typically crawl into peoples ears.

But if the earwig did crawl into your ear they would most like just pinch you with the earwigs pincers.

The earwig will not crawl into your brain or further into your ear.

Yes earwigs do like light.

Most earwigs are most active at night but earwigs are also attracted to light and will come out when there is light including artificial light.

Earwigs are usually active mostly at night so when you turn your lights on the earwigs will usually come out.

Earwigs do eat clothes so if you have clothes where earwigs are near you should place the clothing away from the earwigs or put the clothing into plastic containers with lids.

Earwigs when they get into your home can be damaging to clothes, bedding, carpet, furniture and other laundry.

The earwigs can also eat your food such as crackers, bread, cereal etc.

You can use vinegar and dish soap to kill earwigs as vinegar does kill earwigs.

To kill earwigs with vinegar mix a solution of vinegar and dish soap and then spray the earwigs with the vinegar and dish soap.

The vinegar and dish soap will naturally kill the earwigs.

I have used vinegar and dish soap with great results for killing earwigs.

Earwigs can eat worms if the earwig is hungry enough.

However most earwigs will not eat worms and will leave worms alone.

Worms are low on the food list for earwigs.

Yes earwigs do sometimes eat ants.

I've had earwigs in my yard and I have witnessed the earwigs eating some of the ants that were near them so yes earwigs do eat ants.

Earwigs also eat green leafs such as lettuce, leaves from trees etc and earwigs can be pretty damaging to gardens and trees.

Also do not pickup an earwig with your bare hands as earwig pincers do hurt if they pinch you with them.

I have been pinched by an earwig pincer and it does hurt and is very painful but the pain subsides within about 30 minutes or so.

I would highly recommend to not ever pick up an earwig unless you're wearing thick gloves because they can and do pinch you with their earwig pincers.

The earwig pincers can break skin too and cause bleeding.

That happened to me and it's because I picked up an earwig with my bare hands and didn't wear gloves.

Now I wear gloves when picking up or touching an earwig.

Earwigs do not bite but they do pinch you.

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