How to potty train my 1 year old son

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asked Jan 2, 2017 in Toddler/Preschooler by Greerkist (120 points)

My son has been showing that hes not comfortable with wearing his diaper lately and i'd like to start trying to potty train him.

I'd like to mostly have him wearing a diaper when he sleeps but need some tips on how to make this happen and quick?

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answered Jan 2, 2017 by Imshaz (140 points)

Just because he's uncomfortable in his diaper, it doesn't mean he's ready to potty train. 

It will be a lot more successful if you start when he's closer to 2 years old. You can start now, but it will definitely not be a quick process. Good Luck

I'd wait until he's at least 18 months old. It will be easier. Cherish the little moments you have with your baby. Before long he'll be using the toilet and you'll actually miss changing those diapers. 

They grow up too fast as is. No sense in making him grow up any faster. 

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answered Jan 3, 2017 by patty (160 points)
He's too young. You'd be wasting your time even trying.

I think even 18 months is too young too. If you have to take him to the bathroom yourself and help pull down his pants and wipe up after him then he's not actually potty trained.

A potty trained child will know when to go to the potty and then go there themselves, pull there pants down do their business and wipe themselves.

Forget about potty training until the child is at least 2 years old.

There's no way a 1 year old baby is gonna be going to the toilet himself/herself and using it by themselves.

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