What does the undersigned mean?

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What does the undersigned mean?

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The undersigned means the persons name who signs at the bottom of a document.

The definition of undersigned is whoever signed at the bottom or end of something.

An example of undersigned is the person's name that is signed at the bottom of a contract.

Another example of undersigned when used in a sentence is.

We, the undersigned , petition to change the laws to benefit fathers ' rights to have access to their children.

In witness whereof, the undersigned , duly authorized, have signed this Convention.

Undersigned basically means being the one or ones whose signature appears at the end of a letter or document:

All of the undersigned persons are bound by the contract. signed at the bottom or end of, as a writing:

The undersigned names guarantee the good faith of the statement. the undersigned, the person or persons signing a letter or document.

Opposite of past tense for sign one's name at the foot of. contradicted. denied. opposed. rejected.

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