Diaper punishment at daycare part 2

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My name is Jeff and my friends name is Jordan when I was 7 years old I went to a daycare in Des Moines Iowa called animal House and me and Jordan were acting up and told to act like 7 year olds ore if we are going to act like 2 year olds then we will be treated like 2 year olds we got drug into the boys bathroom and put into the plastic back pampers baby dry size 6 for boys Micky mouse prints it was embarrassing because we don't know how to use diaper tapes and had to wear and use the diapers and I don't like it because I'm 7 being diapered in front of all the kids and If I have to wear diapers I asked for pull ups but was told no because diapers are more absorbent and I'm being punished. My mom made me wear Huggies pull ups for the next 2 years and I felt like a baby every time I had to use the potty in public pulling down my pants and knowing I'm wearing pull ups in the women's bathroom my mom telling me to go potty in the potty and when you're done pull your pull up and pants back up and don't pee in your pull up or mommy will have to change your pull ups on the changing table and you don't want that. Everytime I went shopping with my mom she would walk me to the baby isile and make be Cary my pull ups around the store I hoped no one I new seen me even though a lot of my friends knew I wear pull ups and pee my pants because I had pull ups in school n overnight daycare and I used a lot of the old plastic back pampers baby dry size 6 with Micky mouse witch I really hated worse than the Huggies pull ups and I'm looking for Jordan today to ask him if he was effected later on In life and if he was diaped like me for 2 years until I was 9 years old and stopped peeing in my pull ups n that wore getting to small to wear. but today I always want to wear pampers and Huggies pull ups and want to know if this is normal and did I develop a like and love for diapers and pull ups

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I love your stories and look forward to reading them.

I went to a daycare called Little Feet Daycare but I think they closed down a few years ago.

At least the one I went too.

I thought that was a cute name for the daycare.

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