Diaper punishment at daycare

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When I was 7 years old I went to a daycare called animal House in Des Moines Iowa me and another boy named Jordan whore acting up and the daycare teacher told us to stop and we didn't stop she drug Jordan by the hand into the boys bathroom closed the door and all herd was him crying screaming no he came out and I was drug in and told if I'm going to act like a baby she will treat me like a baby she reached into the top shelf and poled out a pampers baby dry size 6 with Micky mouse on it and diapered me in the plastic back diapers and I told her I'm not a baby please released let me wear pull ups and she told me no because if I'm going to act like a baby I will be treated like a baby and was sent back to class wearing diapers under my pants and I knew that Jordan was crying because he was diaper punished like me and I can tell because he seemed upset when I went back to class and when I sat down on the floor I Sean the back of his pampers diaper sticking up over the top of his pants but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to embarrass him and I'm wearing diapers to and he knows about it and what it feels like to be treated like a baby

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answered Mar 9, 2022 by wetdiapersfun (780 points)
I remember one day at daycare when I was 6 years old.

I was getting jealous of the toddlers getting to wear diapers.

So I began pooping my pants and peeing my pants and hoping to get put into a diaper.

On the first and second day it didn't happen but on the third day of it happening I was put back into Pampers diapers.

The daycare told my mom when she picked me up that I would have to be sent to daycare in diapers from now on until I could keep my diaper dry and when I stopped pooping my diaper.

I continued to poop and pee in my diaper so I could stay in them.

So I remained in diapers at daycare until I was around 8 years old and then my mom kept me at a babysitters house after that.

I continued to be diapered by my babysitter until she no longer babysat me at 12 years old.
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answered Jul 8, 2022 by HGW (220 points)
Oh yea definitely some day care something to do that. That happened at daycare for me too. And this is when pampers we're still plastic baced. When I was diapered at daycare the other kids watched get diapered myo wn age. Because I was completely naked on a changing table where I  could not squirm. I was put in  sandals. And a baby shirt was placed on me and I was escorted to the 2 year old class where kids were not potty trained those kids went  on the playground. I went out on the playground just on my diaper in my diaper in my Pampers. And this was 2 hours later and of course I did my pamp ers I peed in my Pampers. My mom was called. And of course you know she didn't pick me up until it was supposed closing time and when my name is coughing my mom to come and get me she came in I was in the front office my mom saw me a Pampers and then she handed them a box of Pampers for me for the rest of the week and that was just the beginning of my day there my evening on that day.
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