Can turn my feet backwards?

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Can turn my feet backwards?

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Some people can turn their feet backwards as they may be more flexible.

However not everyone can or should try turning their feet backwards as it could cause damage.

There is however a man known as Mr. Elastic who can actually turn his feet nearly 180 degrees backwards and walk – breaking two world records.

Moses Lanham (57) has a mind-bending ability to completely contort his legs and still be able to walk, thanks to a bizarre condition resulting from a rope-climbing accident 43 years ago.

Some babies are also born with their feet turned backwards which is known as Clubfoot.

You can be born with your feet backwards.

The condition when you're born with your feet backwards is known as Clubfoot.

Sometimes just one foot is turned backwards with clubfoot and sometimes both feet are turned backwards.

Doctors can usually treat and fix the clubfoot soon after birth so that the baby can eventually walk normally.

Clubfoot is a birth defect in babies that causes the foot of the baby to be turned inward or downwards which makes it difficult for the baby to learn to walk eventually.

A clubfoot disability is when a baby is born with a foot that is turned inward or downwards.

Clubfoot is a congenital condition (present at birth) that causes a baby's foot to turn inward or downward.

The clubfoot can be mild or severe and occur in one or both feet.

In babies who have clubfoot, the tendons that connect their leg muscles to their heel are too short.

Babies with clubfoot can walk but they may have trouble walking normally unless the clubfoot is treated.

Clubfoot typically doesn't cause any problems until your child starts to stand and walk.

If the clubfoot is treated, your child will most likely walk fairly normally.

He or she may have some difficulty with: Movement.

Clubfoot most often presents at birth.

Clubfoot is caused by a shortened Achilles tendon, which causes the foot to turn in and under.

Clubfoot is twice as common in boys.

Treatment is necessary to correct clubfoot and is usually done in two phases — casting and bracing.

Clubfoot is usually a defect during the growth of the baby in the womb.

Clubfoot is a common type of birth defect that affects muscles and bones in the feet. Instead of being straight, a clubfoot points down and turns in.

This twisting causes the toes to point toward the opposite leg.

A baby can be born with the defect in one or both feet.

Doctors can sometimes correct clubfoot through a combination of procedures such as stretching, casting, and bracing.

When clubfoot is treated properly and corrected children born with clubfoot and usually enjoy a lot of activities that other children do without any trace of deformity.

So if your baby was born with clubfoot and it's fixed early on then it can usually be corrected without surgery.

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