The Last Thing You Googled?

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asked Mar 4 in Current Events by Maxxx17 (150 points)
What did you last search from the nigh-all-knowing Google? Share with us!

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answered Mar 6 by Gracy (107,480 points)
The last thing I just Googled was the weather.

It's been cloudy here and I thought I heard Thunder.

Turns out I was right as it's not only thundering but also now snowing lightly.

It was 75 F the other day and now it's snowing.

I'm ready for spring already and wished I could move to a warmer climate and state.

The older I get the less I like cold weather and snow.
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answered Mar 6 by Hydro56098 (2,890 points)
The last thing I googled was Travel.

I'm trying to decide on where I want to go this spring or summer on vacation.

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