What is nodular vasculitis?

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What is nodular vasculitis?

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Nodular Vasculitis is a type of panniculitis that is characterized by erythematous nodules or plaques which are located preferentially on the calves, which may ulcerate and drain.

The nodular Vasculitis has been regarded as a delayed hypersensitivity response to an antigenic stimulus, being originally associated with tuberculosis.

Nodular vasculitis presents as tender, subcutaneous nodules on the calves of middle-aged women.

Venous insufficiency may be present.

Lesions are bilateral and less red and tender than EN; they often ulcerate, drain oily liquid, and recur over years.

Erythema nodosum is a group of skin disorders that are characterized by painful, red bumps or lesions (nodules) most often affecting the lower legs (extremities).

Erythema nodosum is often associated with recurring episodes of fever, malaise, fatigue and joint pain.

The exact cause of erythema nodosum is unknown.

Cutaneous necrotizing vasculitis is a not uncommon disorder characterized by an inflammation of the blood vessel walls and skin lesions.

These skin lesions may be flat and red (macules), nodules or more substantial hemorrhages under the skin (purpura).

Treatment for Nodular Vasculitis include.

Antibiotics – prolonged antituberculous therapy has been successful in cases presumed to be tuberculous.
Anti-inflammatory drugs.
Short-term systemic corticosteroids.
Fibrinolytic therapy.
Potassium iodide.

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