Pray for me. I have big job offers I want to fall through

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asked Feb 13, 2022 in Answerpail by mwalker1996 (9,270 points)
I have been gone for a while. I have just been working on finding a copywriting job. I do have an offer to be an remote Travel Agent. I just need to wait to get 50 bucks to get the certification course. I should be back in Florida pretty soon. Keep me in prayer that I can land a copywriting job. My goal is to move back to Florida by late March. The copywriting job I interviewed for last Friday pays 35 dollars an hour and it's remote. I want eventually met @paratom in person.

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answered Feb 13, 2022 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)
That's great to hear.

I hope you land that writing job and can move close to and meet Paratom in person.

I've been sick and busy myself so I haven't been on too much.
commented Feb 14, 2022 by paratom (9,050 points)
Wishing you all the greatest luck and extra prayers for you  
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answered Feb 14, 2022 by diapermouse1 (8,330 points)
Hope you land that Job that you want to get.

I'll keep you in my prayers that you get the Job.

It would be really nice if you could meet and get to know Paratom in Person.

Wishing you the best. :)
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answered Jul 27, 2022 by Cq1 (1,750 points)

Actually, you can easily find something reliable with layboard as I have heard that it's a nice and reliable one. Try to go layboard and check a few vacancies on their website and probably you will be able to find the best one for yourself with the help of this resource there. I wish you good luck, don't give up.

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