What is your dating sites experience?

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asked Feb 9, 2022 in Singles & Dating by jess.fin (220 points)
Do you think it's possible to find serious relationships online? My aunt has been divorced for 16 years now. I see she needs someone. How to find a good person online? How to understand this is not a scam?

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answered Feb 10, 2022 by phil (300 points)
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It's possible for sure but she needs to be patient. There are so many apps nowadays. When I was browsing craigslist skagit, I found ppl to chat with. So if your aunt even won't find a couple, she'll definitely loosen up a bit. As for a scam, just don't trust everyone. It's always better to communicate first, and don't rush to date.

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answered Feb 20, 2022 by RobertPolson (3,960 points)

Looking from the outside, my experience can be called positive. I didn't want a new relationship after my divorce. but I also didn't want to be alone. I found a middle ground where there are a lot of local single moms near me. This choice solved the problem of sex and lonely weekends. Maybe then I will find the one who will become my wife. but I'm not ready for this format yet.

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answered Mar 6, 2022 by Fonaran (400 points)
Hello everyone, I am a smart and well-read person, but in order to get a lot of knowledge and reading, I donated the time in which everyone learns to meet girls and increase their sexuality. But now that I have a good job and a good education, I want to find a wonderful beautiful girl who will understand me. Where can you do this on the Internet now?
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answered Mar 8, 2022 by Piceer (700 points)

There are so many meeting venues these days that it's hard to know which one to choose. I recently found this article on the Internet. It talks about the most unusual dating sites https://scoopempire.com/interesting-connections-seven-unusual-dating-apps/. What are their unusual features and why they are you will find out for yourself. Have you ever tried to meet someone on the Internet? 

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answered Mar 30, 2022 by annajamey (460 points)
You may search some tips for how to avoid scams, bots and fakes online.
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answered Sep 12, 2022 by KrystynaTrushyna (1,620 points)

Online dating scams are on the rise. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that romance scams hit a record high in 2021 with victims losing US$547 million.  

Unfortunately, there is no online dating site that can promise to keep you 100%. It is up to you to keep yourself safe and use online dating sites responsibly.

There are, however, dating sites that are more reputable and safer than others – so find these and use them when looking for love. 

Here are the 5 best safest dating platforms of my choice:
- eHarmony
- EliteSingles
- SilverSingles
- Seeking.com
- Coffee Meets Bagel

So make sure you sign up on the safest of dating sites only and do what you need to protect yourself. 

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answered Oct 7, 2022 by pawpaw (2,780 points)

I have fairly rich experience communicating with girls from dating sites. There were very romantic meetings, and sometimes just the most amazing.

For instance, we had had relations with one girl for more than 2 years. It was a sweet, beautiful, and romantic relationship, but unfortunately, it didn't work out. However, we were good together. After that, I began to meet girls from such sites more often, and recently one madam, who is several years older than me, offered me BDSM and anal fisting.

I wasn't ready for that, it's true. But why not? One life, live it up. Moreover, I once had experience with that. However, if someone also receives such an offer, keep in mind that porn actors prepare for filming, and you need to prepare in real life as well. In addition, be sure to purchase a special fist ointment, which is of great importance when using sex toys or fisting. You can get the most out of the process if you do everything right.

Therefore, you can find both one-night stand entertainment and serious relationships on such websites - it depends on whom and how you are looking for.

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