Goodnites at daycare and babysitters

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I have to wear goodnites at daycare because I peed my pants on the playground and I went inside to change and a teacher told me it's ok but if it happens again I will need to wear a diaper later on I peed my pants with a friend and to my surprise the teacher came to help my friend and told him to lay down and as she pulled down his pants I seen he was wearing a wet diaper she changed him in to a pull ups training pants and then I was takin to the bathroom told to use the potty when I was dun a teacher told me she had to help me because I peed my pants twice today and she has a surprise for me when I got a closer look I seen in the cupboards  a  stack of xl goodnites for boys one was pulled for me to wear I started to cry but was told it's ok and your friend wears diapers and pull ups all the time but I don't know why the daycare has diapers like goodnites for bigger kids like my age. Ps does anyone know why daycares have goodnites anyways because I don't get it it just seems strange

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answered Feb 6, 2022 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)
When I was a 6 years old I was at an in home daycare center.

The in home daycare operator which was a lady had all sizes of diapers and it was her policy that if any kid of any age wet their pants even once then they had to wear diapers in her home and in her care for at least a month until we stayed dry.

So one day in 1994 when I was 6 and it was summertime I was at her house outside playing on the swing and I peed my pants.

She noticed and then she went inside and got a diaper which was a plastic backed Luvs diaper.

She then laid me out on the picnic table and removed my pants in front of the other kids and then cleaned me up with some wipes.

After that she taped me into the plastic backed Luvs diaper.

It felt awesome although at first I kind of hated it.

But after the first few days of wearing the Luvs diapers I started enjoying it.

It was so much fun just peeing in the diaper and running around outside in just the diaper, shirt and shoes.

I kept peeing my diaper so I could wear the diapers until I no longer was at her house after I turned 9 years old.

If I had a daycare center I would have the same policy and diaper kids no matter the age if they wet their pants.
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answered Feb 6, 2022 by Kaltenbrunner (1,980 points)
Some daycare centers may have goodnites or other pull ups for older kids who may have accidents.

Not all daycare's operate the same way but for hygiene reasons a daycare center may have to have an older kid wear a pull up or diaper if they are wetting their pants often enough or they poop their pants.

Daycare centers have to follow health regulations for their licensing or they can lose their license and get into trouble.

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