Should I let my teen wear diapers?

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Should I let my teen wear diapers?
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Definitely let them be in diapers BUT add a little something, homework is done in the High Chair and he will be belted in with the tray, if the teen is 11-15 yrs old, his bath time is 7:30 pm and bedtime is 8:30 pm, 16-19 yrs old bath time is 8pm and Bedtime is 9pm. Always shave down there because it will stink in the summer time

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Yes you should let your teen wear diapers.

If your teen loves to wear diapers or wants to wear diapers then you should allow your teen to wear diapers.

Nothing is wrong with wearing diapers no matter what your age is whether you need them or you simply want them.

Diapers are great and they feel even better than regular underwear or boxer shorts do.

If your child wants to wear diapers you should allow your child to wear diapers.

Talk to your kid and tell them that you understand and that you will keep it secret for them.

If my kid wanted to wear diapers I would buy them diapers and they could wear the diapers as often as they want to.

Diapers are not bad and if diapers make the child happy they should be allowed to wear diapers.

They wore diapers as babies and so they should be able to wear diapers as a kid or teen or adult.

Diapers are just a different form of underwear and they are also more comfortable.

Some kids want to wear diapers because they love the feeling of the diapers or they want to feel like a toddler or baby.

Diapers for some kids are actually very comfortable and are much better than underwear.

Kids may sometimes want to go back to wearing diapers because they love the feeling of the diapers being either wet, dry or both.

Myself I love the cushy feeling of disposable diapers and have since I was 5 years old.

I'm now almost 34 years old and have loved diapers ever since.

To me diapers are a much better type of underwear and when I wet the diaper it turns me on and it feels awesome to have a wet squishy disposable diaper on my butt.

Some kids also love that feeling.

Wetting a diaper feels much different than wetting your pants or regular underwear.

It's perfectly normal and okay for a kid or anyone to love wearing diapers.

Diapers are made for all ages and if the diaper gives you or the kid enjoyment they or you should wear them.

You should enjoy what gives you happiness in life.

To me diapers make me feel good and happy and I'm not depressed when in diapers.

My mood improves when I'm in a diaper.

So if your kid wants to wear diapers then you should let them wear them.

The diapers are not gonna harm your child and there's nothing wrong with your child for wanting to wear diapers.

The kid probably loves the softness and bulkiness and squishy feeling of the diaper and if so then they should be allowed to enjoy it.

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