For anyone living in Edgewater Florida, NSB Florida, Port Orange Florida and Daytona Beach Florida

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asked Jan 31, 2022 in Grade Schooler by paratom (9,090 points)
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I have 3 boxes of size 7 diapers (88), 36 month pacifiers (2 pk), 2 packages of baby wipes, baby powder, Diaper Rash Cream, 3 baby wash cloths, baby shampoo baby Bottles (2 Micky Mouse and 3 regular plastic bottles) and I believe that's it. Now if you live in Florida, please email if your child wants to be a baby or even a bedwetter OR is Diaper Punishment. *****FREE***** the packages is still unopened. Hell I'll even send Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina.

[email protected]

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answered Feb 6, 2022 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)
I wish I had a kid or a kid that was a diaper lover and I lived close enough.

Hopefully someone will take you up on that offer as that is awesome.
commented Feb 6, 2022 by paratom (9,090 points)
I hope so bro, I really do. If this doesn't, I'll have to send it else where. Hell I will even send it to Georgia or Alabama.  Maybe you can help, just had my email address to people you trust and has kids.

[email protected]

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