Should I make my 8 year old son wear diapers when camping?

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Should I make my 8 year old son wear diapers when camping?
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All kids should be diapered at all times. 18-19 yrs old SHOULD be potty trained

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Yes you should make your 8 year old son wear diapers when camping.

Diapers are an awesome way to go potty when camping or at anytime.

When your 8 year old son is camping and wearing diapers there's no need for him to find a toilet or find somewhere to go potty.

Your 8 year old son can just potty in the diapers and it's also a great option when sleeping in a tent.

If your son needs to pee he can just pee and stay in the tent and go back to sleep.

I've slept out in a tent camping before wearing just a diaper, shirt and socks and it was awesome.

I then also got out of my tent in the morning and sat outside wearing just the diaper.

Having a campfire at night and sitting out in a diaper is also an awesome thing to do.

I would highly recommend you diaper yourself up as well as your 8 year old son when camping.

Camping in diapers is awesome.

Dress your 8 year old son like Tommy Diaper Boy below and let him play outside in the camp area with just his diaper and shirt.

Diaper Boy Tommy wearing just diapers8 year old Diaper Boy Tommy outside wearing just diaper

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