Should I take my older kid out in public wearing just a diaper?

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Should I take my older kid out in public wearing just a diaper?
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It's really worth it to get ur older kid back in diapers. You will never regret with this because what if you go somewhere where there is NO potty. The older kid would be devastated by being totally embarrassed and wished they were diapered. Your the parent, they have to listen to you.

Actually make it a fun game. If the older kid wants a toy or a movie, they have to let you them put a diaper on them without complaining, pacifier and baby bottles are a must, they have to use the diaper (pee and mess) and you gotta bottle feed with juice or soda. Now if they wanted a new game for a full week they have to act like a baby. I can tell you more but you gotta email me for more
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Yes you should take your older kid out in public wearing just a diaper.
There's nothing wrong with going out in public wearing just your diaper as an older kid or even an adult.
I would take my older kids out in public wearing just a diaper or just a diaper, shirt and shoes like this Tommy Diaper Boy.

He's so cute wearing just his diaper.
When it's hot or warm out there's no need for pants or shorts over the diaper.
Wearing just a diaper feels awesome and I'm sure he'll have lots of fun.

Diaper Boy Tommy wearing just diapers8 year old Diaper Boy Tommy outside wearing just diaper

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