Who performs rotationplasty?

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Who performs rotationplasty?

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Rotationplasty is performed by a skilled prosthesis surgeon.

A Van Nes rotationplasty is a surgical procedure that converts the ankle into a knee, and the knee is fused straight, and the hip is floating free.

This type tends to rotate back partially, undoing the benefit of the rotationplasty; the Paley-modified Brown rotationplasty converts the knee into a hip and the ankle into a knee.

Rotationplasty is a surgery for bone cancer near the knee.

A surgeon removes the middle part of your leg, including the knee.

They reattach the lower shin, ankle and foot to the remaining thigh bone.

They also rotate the lower leg 180 degrees so the ankle joint functions as a knee joint.

While it is still being used to treat their complications, rotationplasty is also used to treat growing children who have been diagnosed with tumors around the knee.

Rotationplasty is also performed on children with congenital femoral deficiencies.

Rotationplasty was first introduced by Borggreve1 in a patient with femoral deficiency in the setting of tuberculosis in 1930.

 In 1950, the procedure was popularized for the management of proximal femoral focal deficiency by Van Nes,2 whose name has become synonymous with the procedure.

Prosthetic fit and function are very critical and should only be performed by a skilled prosthetist.

Patients who undergo rotationplasty as a surgical treatment option require intensive physical therapy to gain motion and strength in the reconstructed limb.

Rotationplasty, commonly known as a Van Nes rotation or Borggreve rotation, is a type of autograft wherein a portion of a limb is removed, while the remaining limb below the involved portion is rotated and reattached.

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