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asked Jan 16, 2022 in Answerpail by Jeff p (1,110 points)
My mom is making me wear parents choice size 7 diapers because I bully my nephew and a boy in my school for wearing pull ups. My mom started using pull ups on me until she found out that I like pull ups in school and she wants me to feel like a baby because if I'm going to act like a baby I am going to be treated like a baby she knows what I hate my parents choice size 7 diapers because they are for babies and I want to be a big boy and it makes me look small when they are wearing pull ups and I'm the baby in diapers and I am 2 years older than them I'm sick of wearing diapers and having to pee in them and my mom changes my diapers in public restrooms in front of people it's embarrassing because I am 7 and the other kids are 5 year olds. I don't want diapers anymore I don't tease them anymore and would give any thing to wear underwear again  and if my mom  says no then at least let me wear pull ups or goodnites

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answered Jan 17, 2022 by 7maxwarren (12,600 points)
What I would do if you can't convince your mom to let you wear underwear or pull ups instead of the diaper is to take the diaper off at school in the bathroom.

Then go about the day without the diaper and use the toilet at school.

Maybe put the diaper back on before you leave school so that your mom does not know you took it off.

As to the diaper wearing at home and when your mom wants you to wear the diaper you may have to just put up with it until she decides you can go awhile without bullying.

Bullying certainly isn't nice but making you wear the diaper seems a bit too far.

Maybe a spanking for it and temporarily making you wear the diapers.

Try pooping in the diaper and maybe your mom will decide it's not worth it.
commented Jan 19, 2022 by Jeff p (1,110 points)
My mom told my teacher I wear diapers and I don't know how to use diaper tapes and the school nurse helps me change my diapers so I can't take my diapers off because the school nurse is expecting me to use my diaper and the teachers are not allowed to let me use the potty because I am wearing a diaper my mom is mean and treats me like a baby
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answered Jan 18, 2022 by paratom (9,090 points)
Jeff p, please don't take this the wrong way, for being only 7 vears old, your spelling is damn near perfect. Unless your parents gave you permission and Mommy or Daddy help you with the spelling, Now if u are truly diapered punished,  Now if this true, I'm happy for them to pull-ups for school and diapers for home. Personally I would diaper punished you untel the end of summer. No more pull-ups. Diapers only!!! I would have you listen to a Permanent bladder and bowels incontinent  ever night and morning, weekends ( Saturday and Sunday and days off from school.) So if this is true,

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commented Jan 19, 2022 by Jeff p (1,110 points)
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This is a story from when I was younger and was diaper punished for acting like a baby and had to wear parents choice size 7 diapers and when my cousin was potty trained I got the rest of his pull ups training pants and when I ran out my mom forced me to start using the boys xl goodnites and I have to wear them 24/7

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