Can diaper wipes cause diaper rash and soreness?

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Can diaper wipes cause diaper rash and soreness?

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Diaper wipes can cause diaper rash and soreness.

Some diaper wipes contain certain soaps and chemicals that some babies and toddlers skins are allergic too and so they may have a reaction and skin allergy to the soaps and chemicals used in the diaper wipes or baby wipes.

If your baby or toddler is breaking out in a rash and soreness with certain diaper wipes or baby wipes it could be the wipes and you may need to switch to a different brand of wipes.

You might try water wipes which are free of chemicals and soaps.

Or you could even use a warm washcloth to wipe your baby with.

Sometimes diapers may also cause diaper rash, chemical burns and soreness as well.

If it's not the diaper wipes or baby wipes and the baby is still getting rashes and soreness it could be the diapers or it could be the baby has more sensitive skin as well.

Try changing diaper brands or use diaper rash cream on your baby during diaper changes.

If you're using parents choice diapers it could be those diapers as well.

My 2 year old kept getting a rash and soreness on his balls and his thighs as well and it turns out it was the diapers.

I smelled one of the diapers and it smelled very much like PVC glue that you use to glue pipes with.

I returned those diapers to Walmart and got my money back.

I had switched him to them to save money but he was previously using pampers baby dry and never got that rash before.

So I switched him back to the pampers baby dry and he never got a rash after that.

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