Did you sit in a highchair in grade school

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asked Jan 11 in AB/DL by mwalker1996 (7,810 points)
Did your parents make you sit in a highchair as a school aged kid?

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answered Jan 12 by paratom (2,500 points)
I did, my dad built my high chair and crib. So yeah it was fun
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answered Jan 12 by Pamperslover (23,700 points)
I did used to sit in a highchair as a school aged kid.

I had one of those old metal high chairs that I easily fit into.

Even my younger sister used to play baby with me and diaper me and feed me in the highchair when I was 7 and 8 years old.

it was so much fun.

I've even handcuffed myself in a diaper as well and it's so much fun.

I haven't just thought about being handcuffed in a diaper but I actually have done it before.

I have used some toy metal handcuffs as a kid and as an adult and handcuffed myself behind the back to a chair and made believe that I was being kidnapped and forced to wear the diaper and forced to use it.

Later on I also had a friend who is also ABDL a few years ago handcuff me inside my crib and leave me there and acted like I was forced to pee and poop in the diaper.

It was so much fun.

Both by myself and with a friend to help me with the act.

I sometimes will still tie my legs up to a chair and then handcuff my hands behind my back to where I can still remove the handcuffs myself with the release but make believe that I can't.

I then pretend that I don't want to pee in the diaper and pretend I hate the diaper punishment but it's just me playing that way.

It's so much fun.

I also remember when I was around 10 years old I had an old metal high chair that I would get in wearing just a diaper and then I would duct tape my legs to the legs of the highchair.

Then I would duct tape my arms together.

I used my mouth to duct tape the second arm with and to remove the duct tape to get out of the situation as well.

It was so fun.

Even now I like to pretend that I'm being diaper punished as a kid and will say I hate the diapers and won't wear them.

I just wish I had someone here with me such as a mommy or daddy to help me with the role play as it would be even more fun.

I wish I would also get a paddling as well.

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