Did your mom force you to walk outside with your diaper showing

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Have you walked outside with your diaper exposed before in grade school?

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I have been forced to walk outside in just my diaper and shirt and shoes as a 7 year old and an 8 year old.

I was diapered just like Diaper Boy Tommy and around the same years as well.

I remember those same Plastic backed diapers and they were so very comfortable to wear.

At first I hated going out in public wearing just the diaper but after a few months I actually started enjoying it and although there were a few laughs most people just thought I was cute.

As a kid I was diaper punished.

I was born in 1988 and now almost 34 years old.

I was forced into diapers at the age of 7 for bed wetting.

My parents made me wear diapers all the time both day and night and I could not use the toilet.

My parents made me wear those thick Pampers plastic backed diapers which at first I hated but after awhile I began to like it and enjoy it.

My parents also use to take me outside in just my diaper and shirt and shoes like this boy.

I miss those old pampers diapers that were nice and thick and very squishy.

I loved the tape sounds of them as well. 

After a year of being in diapers full time which is when I turned 8 in 1996 I began enjoying the diaper punishment and I actually started being happier in my diapers.

Even now as an adult I'm very happy when in diapers.

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My grandma made me wear Pampers for wetting the bed when I was 6. I spent the summer living with my grandparents and she said since I was still a baby I was going to be wearing diapers.
And that's exactly what happened...she put me in Pampers and that was all I got to wear besides a shirt, socks, and shoes.  My diaper was visible to all, and as grandma said 'its all a toddler needs '.
I wasn't allowed to use the toilet at all. I was forced to go pee and poop in my diapers. It was really embarrassing when she would check if I was in need of a change... she'd always say something like 'oh, someone has a wet/dirty diaper'!

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