Do you feel like a kid when you see a boy in a diaper

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Do you feel like a like a kid when you see a boy walking in diapers?

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I always feel like a kid when I see a boy walking in diapers.

I love seeing toddlers and older age kids wearing diapers and walking around in them.

Actually a neighbor just moved in and his son who is around 7 has autism and he's been outside playing in just his diaper.

I've been playing with him outside and really enjoy it.

I wish I could be out there like that as well.

I also love the pictures of Diaper Boy Tommy.

Seeing his pictures helps me get into the mindset of a kid in diapers.

He is such a cute Diaper Boy.

I love getting a thick plastic backed diaper on and wearing just the diaper, shirt and socks and playing on the floor like Tommy Diaper Boy.

I also have a play mat like him and play with toy cars just like him.

Diaper Boy Tommy 8 year old diaper boy wearing diapers8 year old Diaper Boy Tommy Playing with Toys on floor in diapers

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