Do you like sitting in the movies in diapers

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asked Jan 11 in AB/DL by mwalker1996 (7,810 points)
Do you like sitting in the movie theater in a diaper?

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answered Jan 11 by Wetdiaper565 (1,710 points)
I haven't been to the movies in awhile.

But I have been to the movie theaters wearing diapers and it was awesome.

I love sitting in the movie theater drinking a nice large cup of soda and then peeing in the diaper and not having to get up to miss the movie.

The warm wet feeling is awesome and I relax much easier wearing the diaper.

I love sitting at home on the floor or couch with just my diaper and shirt and socks and watching movies while sucking on my pacifier or drinking from my bottle.

No need to get up to poop or pee.

I just pee and poop in the diaper and continue watching the movie.

I have also pooped my diaper before at the movie theaters and nobody seemed to notice.

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