Is it okay if I don't potty train my 8 year old son?

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Is it okay if I don't potty train my 8 year old son?

My 8 year old son is still not potty trained and he said he doesn't want to be potty trained?

Is it okay for my 8 year old son to just wear diapers and never be potty trained?

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If your 8 year old son does not want to be potty trained then you should not potty train your son.

Keep your 8 year old son in diapers full time just like he wants and he'll be happier.

Diapers are better than the toilet as you don't have to hold it in and can just pee or poop the diaper.

Diapers are also very comfortable as well.

Keep your son in diapers like this Tommy Diaper Boy and give him a pacifier, bottle etc and treat him as a toddler.

Yes it's okay for an 8 year old boy to use a pacifier.

8 year old boys should suck on pacifiers and wear diapers and drink from bottles.

They are so much more cute when wearing diapers, sucking on pacifiers and drinking from bottles.

Diaper Boy Tommy 8 year old boy sucking on pacifier8 year old Diaper Boy Tommy Wearing Diapers sucking on pacifier

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