What is it that you hate about working in an office?

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asked Jan 12, 2018 in Employment & Careers by Adf289 (58,560 points)
What is it that you hate about working in an office job?

I hate working in an office especially during nice days when I'd rather be outside instead of being stuck inside typing on the computer or answering phones.

I'm not as bothered by being stuck inside doing the office work during bad weather or cold freezing weather but when it gets nice and warm and I'm looking out the window at the nice weather and I'm stuck inside and can't go outside it makes me mad and sad at the same time.

I wish I could find a job working outside during nice weather. But then I'd be working outside during the cold weather and I'd hate that as well.

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answered Jan 12, 2018 by Lilly21 (57,780 points)
I work in an office from 9-5 filling in online forms for a company.

It's basically the same thing everyday for 8 hours. Luckily the work day is almost over. I have about 1 hour and 30 minutes left before I can leave.

I've finished everything I need done today and now i'm sitting here browsing the internet and other websites.

Our boss allows us to browse the internet post on websites as long as we have finished our work. I wish I could go home right now but can't.

If I could find another job I would. But it's hard so I stick with my boring job.

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