My son is 10 years old and wet his pants and say whoops only baby wet the pants what should I do

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asked Jan 2 in AB/DL by Tina (150 points)
commented Jan 3 by Tina (150 points)
I bought a dummy for him today .  thanks
commented Jan 4 by paratom (3,640 points)
Is it son back in diapers
commented Jan 10 by paratom (3,640 points)
Hiya Tina, how r u today? Is ur son permanently back in diapers yet? I have a hypnosis for him to do if that's what you want done. My email is.
commented Jan 13 by Ts2021 (1,050 points)
(Assuming (for the time being) that this is a real question) I would take him to his doctor and see what he or she thinks. The first thing is to rule out bladder infections and other physical causes. If no physical cause is found the doctor could give suggestions about where to go from here.

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answered Jan 2 by Pamperslover (24,450 points)

I think you should make your 10 year old son wear diapers for wetting his pants.

He should wear diapers and be dressed like this cute Tommy Diaper Boy and should be given a bottle and pacifier as well.

Make your son wear the diapers all the time and treat him like a toddler.

I would've loved to be diaper punished and treated like Tommy Diaper Boy Below.

You can see more pictures of him by clicking the images.

8 year old diaper boy Tommy8 year old Diaper Boy Tommy wearing diapers sucking pacifier

commented Jan 3 by paratom (3,640 points)
Hiya Tina,  here's my email, just explain to me what's going on and maybe I can help you out

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