Does anyone have Nanny service

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asked Dec 31, 2021 in Family by mwalker1996 (9,270 points)
If you have a nanny service I would like to interview about which diapers worked best for you when working with small children. I want to help market your business in a case study interview through a case study format. I want to interview one of your top clients and talk about how your diaper recommendation helped them. If you are interested email me at [email protected]

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answered Jan 3, 2022 by diapermouse1 (8,330 points)
Sorry to hear you had to shut the website down.

But you do have to do what is best.

You're welcome for the support.
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answered Aug 6, 2023 by pawpaw (2,800 points)

You know, life is such a complicated and amazing thing that today we take care of our children and are looking for a nanny for them, and tomorrow we are looking for certified personal care aide for our parents, grandparents, and other relatives. Take care of yourself and appreciate every moment spent together. What you invest in your children today, they will give you in the future. Therefore, choose only the best for your children, and then they will return the same to you.

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