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asked Dec 30, 2021 in AB/DL by mwalker1996 (6,550 points)
Facebook does reviews differently than Google. Instead of just posting 5 stars, you have to just write good things on the share feedback button and Facebook bots make the rating for you. Say really nice things about my writing on my facebook page and I should be cranking up reviews in no time

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answered Dec 31, 2021 by Pamperslover (22,180 points)
I don't have a Facebook account but I'll sign up for one and leave a review on your Facebook as well.

I left a review on your website though as Diaperwetter32.

I just left a review on your website through my phone.

My phones Google Account is the diaperwetter32

So the comment from the Diaperwetter32 account is from me.

Great new feature you got there and it does make it easier to leave a review.

Hope you get lots more reviews.

I wish you and everyone else a Happy New Years eve and a Happy New year 2022 and beyond.

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